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Query log is the pouch of valuable information that records user's search queries and related actions on the internet. By mining the recorded information, it is possible to exploit the user's underlying goals, preferences, interests, search behaviors and implicit feedback. The wealth of mined information can be used in many applications such as query log(More)
Database outsourcing as a service is a new trend emerging in the computing industry instead of managing database in-house. This introduces several security issues related to database. One of the important security requirements is privacy. A Private Information Retrieval protocol (PIR) allows user to retrieve an element from the database in such way that(More)
The Query Intent classification using semi-supervised learning about ti find a better away to search the web precision that result surfer want to search is 99. 8% matched, but due to search engine know what type of query user want to search and logs that are residing in the server of search engine. Which are put in data warehouse of vendor search engine for(More)
E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is a technique which deals with buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet. E-commerce is generally considered to be the sales aspect of electronic business. It generally deals with the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of business transactions. The main purpose of this paper is(More)
An application is successful if it provides reliable, scalable, secured and maximum resource sharing. Distributed system is a main concept behind the designing of such applications. According to distributed systems several computers are connected to each other via some communication network and these computers are located at different locations and are(More)
Outsourcing database as service instead of using in-house database management is a new trend emerging in a computing industry; there has been growing interest in outsourcing database services in both the commercial world and the research community. In this paper, we present analysis of non-concurrent model of fast single-database Private Information(More)
The adequacy of user models depends mainly on the accuracy and precision of information that is retrieved to the user. The real challenge in user modelling studies is due to the inadequacy of data, improper use of techniques, noise within the data and imprecise nature of human behavior. For the best results of user modelling, one should choose an(More)
Shared data systems have grown in numbers, many of these are critical in nature. As a recent trend, there has been growing interest in outsourcing database services in both the commercial world and the research community. In the outsourced database service (ODBS) model, clients rely upon the service provider, which include hardware, software and manpower,(More)