Pradeep K. Jha

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The rationale and technique underlying a novel concept of noninvasive fertility control by a new Cuproferrogel contraceptive drug, iron oxide-copper-styrene maleic anhydride-dimethyl sulphoxide (Fe3O4-Cu-SMA-DMSO) composite named 'Smart RISUG' (smart reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance) in presence of pulsed magnetic field (PMF; 1 mT to 800 mT) is(More)
Among the various applications of nano-biotechnology, healthcare is considered one of the most significant domains. For that possibility to synthesize various kind of nanoparticles (NPs) and the ever-increasing ability to control their size as well as structure, to improve surface characteristics and binding NPs with other desired curing agents has played(More)
Under guidance of an external pulsed magnetic field the Cuproferrogel iron oxide-copper-styrene maleic anhydride-dimethyl sulphoxide delivered into the rat/rabbit oviduct resulted in oocytes with granulated cytoplasm, zona enlargement, membrane disintegration, and finally loss of viability in 72 hours. Also, the percentage biodistribution of magnetic and(More)
In recent years, green synthesized nanoparticles from plant extract have drawn a great interest due to their prospective nanomedicinal application. This study investigates a proficient, safer, and sustainable way for the preparation of AgNPs using medicinal plant Pongamia pinnata (family: Leguminoseae, species: Pinnata) seeds extract without using any(More)
The mathematical modelling of the fluid flow and heat transfer behaviour of the steel melt in the tundish is carried out for a single strand tundish. The flow dynamics and heat transfer in the tundish is analysed by presenting the velocity field, Residence time distribution (RTD) curves and the temperature profiles by changing the geometrical parameters(More)
In this paper, the comparative binding behavior of antimalarial drug azure A, azure B and azure C with bovine serum albumin (BSA) has been studied. The interaction has been confirmed by multispectroscopic (UV, fluorescence, Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR), and circular dichroism) and molecular docking techniques. The experimental results show that azure(More)
Nanocarrier mediated targeted delivery and biosensing in reproductive health care is a major exploratory domain. This work demonstrates the loading of silver nanoparticle (AgNP) inside the multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) and their targetability to the intracellular part of the sperm cell for its further application in biosensing based infertility(More)
Nanomaterial mediated drug delivery represents a highly promising technique while its selectivity for reproductive healthcare application still remains a challenge. Since the delicate structure and functional role of reproductive tissue and gametes require the use of biocompatible nanomedicine/devices that do not affect fertility or the development of(More)