Pradeep K. Dubey

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We explore the use of subfield arithmetic for efficient implementations of Galois Field arithmetic especially in the context of the Rijndael block cipher. Our technique involves mapping field elements to a composite field representation. We describe how to select a representation which minimizes the computation cost of the relevant arithmetic, taking into(More)
Pipelining is one of the most attractive and widely used design alternatives in high-speed computer systems as it offers a potential speedup of N when N pipeline stages are used. This study is an attempt to understand the trade-offs and overhead that limit this theoretical speedup. A mathematical model has been developed to provide insight into the(More)
SIMD architectures, such as the AltiVec extension to PowerPC[4], are employed to obtain high speed implementations in a variety of areas where data parallelism is encountered, such as audio and video compression, image processing, graphics, and signal processing. Galois Field Arithmetic finds wide use in engineering applications such as errorcontrol codes,(More)
T h e throughput of pipelined processors suf fers due t o delays associated wi th ins t ruc t ion dependencies and m e m o r y latencies . Multithreaded architectures t r y t o tolerate such delays by sharing t h e pipeline wi th independent ins t ruc t ion threads. T h i s paper proposes a n analyt ic model which i s used t o quant i tate t h e advantage(More)