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Venture Capitalists' Assessment of New Venture Survival
This study investigates whether VCs' assessment policies of new venture survival are consistent with those arising from the strategy literature (using two established strategy perspectives). StrategyExpand
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Investigating Purchase Incidence, Brand Choice and Purchase Quantity Decisions of Households
We develop a comprehensive utility maximizing framework to study the impact of marketing variables on the category purchase, brand choice and purchase quantity decisions of households for frequentlyExpand
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The Effect of Banner Advertising on Internet Purchasing
This article focuses on whether banner advertising affects purchasing patterns on the Internet. Using a behavioral database that consists of customer purchases at a Web site along with individualExpand
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Investigating Category Pricing Behavior at a Retail Chain
In studying retailer pricing behavior, researchers typically assume that retailers maximize profits across all brands in a focal product category. In this article, the author attempts to studyExpand
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Empirical Analysis of Indirect Network Effects in the Market for Personal Digital Assistants
We develop a model that captures the inter-dependence between hardware and software demand in a competitive environment with differentiated technologies. Expand
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Structural Modeling in Marketing: Review and Assessment
The recent marketing literature reflects a growing interest in structural models, stemming from (1) the desire to test a variety of behavioral theories with market data, and (2) recent developmentsExpand
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A Dynamic Model of Channel Member Strategies for Marketing Expenditures
We develop a dynamic model for determining the equilibrium marketing effort levels for a manufacturer and a retailer in a two-member marketing channel. The existence of carry-over effects ofExpand
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Response Modeling with Nonrandom Marketing-Mix Variables
We develop an approach that jointly models the distribution of both sales response and marketing-mix variables. Expand
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A Micromodel of New Product Adoption with Heterogeneous and Forward-Looking Consumers: Application to the Digital Camera Category
We develop an empirical model for the adoption process of a new durable product that accounts for consumer heterogeneity as well as consumers” forward-looking behavior. Accounting for heterogeneityExpand
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Information, learning, and drug diffusion: The case of Cox-2 inhibitors
The recent withdrawal of Cox-2 Inhibitors has generated debate on the role of information in drug diffusion: can the market learn the efficacy of new drugs, or does it depend solely on manufacturerExpand
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