Prachi Patil

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Signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) is a latent cytoplasmic transcription factor, originally discovered as a transducer of signal from cell surface receptors to the nucleus. It is activated by tyrosine phosphorylation at position 705 leading to its dimerization, nuclear translocation, DNA binding, and activation of gene transcription.(More)
The academic institutes or universities have to maintain the student's record during and even after their completion of studies. This results in a vast amount of data and subsequently increases the cost and response time. In order to process such vast amount of academic data effectively and efficiently, we have proposed use of Hadoop MapReduce programming(More)
In this paper, online handwritten Devnagari word recognition system is proposed and discussed. The increase in usage of handheld devices which accept handwritten data as input created a demand for application which analyze and recognize data efficiently. Due to the popularity of digital device, we use Smartphone as input device. Input image is drawn on(More)
Traffic management is becoming one of the most important issues in rapidly growing cities. Due to bad traffic management a lot of man-hours are being wasted. Increasing congestion on highways and problems associated with existing detectors has generated an interest in vehicle detection technologies such as video image processing. Regarding this problem,(More)
This paper presents real time implementation of DSP based Sine PWM control algorithm for 3 phase 4-leg IGBT voltage source inverter. This method is useful to control the speed of Voltage source Inverter fed Induction motor drive. The pulses were generated using DSP controller through MATLAB Simulink – Code Composer Studio environment and that triggers the(More)
Face Recognition is a computer application that is drawing much attention in the computer society in the areas like network security, privacy, video conferencing and content indexing and retrieval. These systems should be able to correctly detect and recognize different faces from the images. Many face recognition algorithms have been proposed that help(More)
Many face recognition algorithms have been proposed that help faces to be identified on systems. The aim of the paper is to compare the performance of transform domain techniques and Vector Quantization techniques. The system considers the full and partial feature vector sizes of images. In addition to this, the proposed system tries to improvise by(More)
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