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Given a universe U := U 1 · · ·U r , and a r-uniform family F ⊆ U 1 ×· · ·×U r , the r-dimensional matching problem asks if F admits a collection of k mutually disjoint sets. The special case when r = 3 is the classic 3D-Matching problem. Recently, several improvements have been suggested for these (and closely related) problems in the setting of randomized(More)
With the rapid growth of online information there is growing need for tools that help in finding filtering and managing the high dimensional data. text classification is a supervised learning task whose goal is to classify document into the predefined categories. Phases involved in text classification are collecting data set, preprocessing, stemming, and(More)
A trichobezoar is a mass of culminated hair within the gastrointestinal tract. Stomach is the common site of occurrence. Intestinal obstruction due to primary trichobezoar is extremely rare. Only few cases have been reported so far. We also present a case of 13-year-old girl having primary ileal trichobezoar causing intestinal obstruction.
In this paper, we introduce and study the Non-Uniform k-Center (NUkC) problem. Given a finite metric space (X, d) and a collection of balls of radii {r 1 ≥ · · · ≥ r k }, the NUkC problem is to find a placement of their centers on the metric space and find the minimum dilation α, such that the union of balls of radius α · r i around the ith center covers(More)
Problems of the following kind have been the focus of much recent research in the realm of parameterized complexity: Given an input graph (digraph) on n vertices and a positive integer parameter k, find if there exist k edges (arcs) whose deletion results in a graph that satisfies some specified parity constraints. In particular, when the objective is to(More)
We investigate the parameterized complexity of the following edge coloring problem motivated by the problem of channel assignment in wireless networks. For an integer q ≥ 2 and a graph G, the goal is to find a coloring of the edges of G with the maximum number of colors such that every vertex of the graph sees at most q colors. This problem is NP-hard for q(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate and compare the efficacy of ferric sulfate, glutaraldehyde, and mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) as pulpotomy medicaments in primary molars. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a perspective randomized clinical trial. A total of 90 molars from 42 children aged 4-8 years were selected for pulpotomy procedure. Teeth were randomly divided(More)
The fundamental step of moving object in any image is visualize in different vision-systems including automated visual surveillance and conventional systems. Mostly in India, traffic system related to small geographic areas are more complex to handle. So our objective is to control the congestions and monitor the traffic activities by detecting the vehicle(More)