Prabuddha De

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ÐAlthough prior research has compared modeling performance using different systems development methods, there has been little research examining the comprehensibility of models generated by those methods. In this paper, we report the results of an empirical study comparing user comprehension of object-oriented (OO) and process-oriented (PO) models. The(More)
D the widespread adoption of search and recommendation technologies on the Internet, empirical research that examines the effect of these technologies is scarce. How do online consumers use these technologies? Does consumers’ technology usage have an effect on the sales to them or their purchasing patterns? This paper empirically measures consumers’ usage(More)
With the emergence of social media and Web 2.0, broadcasting in the online environment has evolved into a new form of marketing due to the much broader reach enabled by information technology. This paper examines the organizational use of social media, specifically, artist-generated content, and quantifies the impact of artists’ broadcasting activities on a(More)