Prabuddha Chakraborty

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Estradiol-17β (E) plays an important role in ovarian follicular development. Evidence indicates that some of the effect of E is mediated by the transmembrane estrogen receptor. In this study, we examined the spatio-temporal expression of recently discovered ERα36 (ESR36), a splice variant of Esr1 and a receptor for non-genomic E signaling, in the hamster(More)
Primordial follicles (PF) are formed when somatic cells differentiate into flattened pregranulosa cells, invaginate into the oocyte nests and encircle individual oocytes. We hypothesize that BMP2 regulates PF formation by promoting the transition of germ cells into oocytes and somatic cells into pregranulosa cells. E15 hamster ovaries were cultured for 8(More)
FSH plays an important role in ovarian follicular development, and it functions via the G-protein coupled FSH receptor. The objectives of the present study were to determine if full-length FSHR mRNA and corresponding protein were expressed in fetal through postnatal hamster ovaries to explain the FSH-induced primordial follicle formation, and if FSH or(More)
Follicular development commences with the formation of primordial follicles, which begins with the differentiation of pluripotent ovarian somatic cells into early granulosa cells and their apposition to the oocytes in the egg nest. The process of primordial follicle morphogenesis and factors affecting the formation and development of primordial follicles(More)
The interplay of strong interaction and strong disorder, as contained in the Anderson-Hubbard model, is addressed using two nonperturbative numerical methods: the Lanczos algorithm in the grand canonical ensemble at zero temperature and quantum Monte Carlo simulations. We find distinctive evidence for a zero-energy anomaly which is robust upon variation of(More)
The dc conductivity of electrons on a square lattice interacting with a local repulsion in the presence of disorder is computed by means of quantum Monte Carlo simulations. We provide evidence for the existence of a transition from an Anderson insulator to a correlated disordered metal with a universal value of the critical dc conductivity σ dc,crit = (1.19(More)
The usefulness of azaline B, a GnRH antagonist, in suppressing gonadotropin secretion in the golden hamster was examined by examining follicular development, steroidogenesis and expression of steroidogenic enzymes. Serum levels of P and E declined significantly, while FSH or LH was undetectable in azaline B-treated hamsters. FSH significantly increased(More)
We compute the magnetic susceptibilities of interacting electrons in the presence of disorder on a two-dimensional square lattice by means of quantum Monte Carlo simulations. Clear evidence is found that at sufficiently low temperatures disorder can lead to an enhancement of the ferromagnetic susceptibility. We show that it is not related to the transition(More)
Motivated by the rapidly growing possibilities for experiments with ultracold atoms in optical lattices, we investigate the thermodynamic properties of correlated lattice fermions in the presence of an external spin-dependent random potential. The corresponding model, a Hubbard model with spin-dependent local random potentials, is solved within dynamical(More)
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