Prabuchandran K. J.

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A recent goal in the Reinforcement Learning (RL) framework is to choose a sequence of actions or a policy to maximize the reward collected or minimize the regret incurred in a finite time horizon. For several RL problems in operation research and optimal control, the optimal policy of the underlying Markov Decision Process (MDP) is characterized by a known(More)
We develop two new online actor-critic control algorithms with adaptive feature tuning for Markov Decision Processes (MDPs). One of our algorithms is proposed for the long-run average cost objective, while the other works for discounted cost MDPs. Our actor-critic architecture incorporates parameterization both in the policy and the value function. A(More)
For maximizing influence spread in a social network, given a certain budget on the number of seed nodes, we investigate the effects of selecting and activating the seed nodes in multiple phases. In particular, we formulate an appropriate objective function for two-phase influence maximization under the independent cascade model, investigate its properties,(More)
We consider the problem of finding optimal energy sharing policies that maximize the network performance of a system comprising of multiple sensor nodes and a single energy harvesting (EH) source. Sensor nodes periodically sense the random field and generate data, which is stored in the corresponding data queues. The EH source harnesses energy from ambient(More)
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