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Retail pharmacies in developing countries are one of the most important sources of advice on pharmaceuticals. Among the reasons the clients give are ease of access; availability of medicines; quality of service (no waiting and convenient hours of operation); and cheaper products, availability of credit, or the option to buy drugs in small amounts. However,(More)
Private pharmacies are an important source of health care in developing countries. A number of studies have documented deficiencies in treatment, but little has been done to improve practices. We conducted two controlled trials to determine the efficacy of face-to-face educational outreach in improving communication and product sales for cases of diarrhoea(More)
BACKGROUND Retail pharmacies are important sources of advice on pharmaceuticals in developing countries, where many purchasing decisions are unmediated by medical professionals. For childhood diarrhea, choice of drug sales in pharmacies has been found to be consistently poor, whether with or without prescription, as evidenced by a low use of effective oral(More)
synthesis: A new form of meta-analysis for combining results from randomized clinical trials and medical-practice databases. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care 9: 440–9 DuMouchel W, Normand S-L 2000 Computer-modeling and graphical strategies for meta-analysis. In: Stangl D K, Berry D A (eds.) Meta-analysis in Medicine and Health(More)
The College of Business and Administration at The University of Maryland offers a course intended to introduce students with computers and their business uses. Topics covered include information flow, software design and analysis, and Cobol syntax. Student background and experience varied widely. A survey of the fifty-three students in the class showed(More)
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