Prabir K. Basu

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Introduction The current emphasis in the development of a pharmaceutical product is on shortening development time, reducing development costs, and improving the process design to ensure higher flexibility. Commercial scale product and process development typically goes through the following stages after the viability of a newly discovered molecule is(More)
A case study has been developed to illustrate one way of incorporating a Quality by Design approach into formulation and process development for a small molecule, freeze-dried parenteral product. Sodium ethacrynate was chosen as the model compound. Principal degradation products of sodium ethacrynate result from hydrolysis of the unsaturated ketone in(More)
As stipulated by ICH Q8 R2 (1), prediction of critical process parameters based on process modeling is a part of enhanced, quality by design approach to product development. In this work, we discuss a Bayesian model for the prediction of primary drying phase duration. The model is based on the premise that resistance to dry layer mass transfer is product(More)
The development of pharmaceutical products and processes involves laboratory scale, pilot plant scale and commercial scale manufacturing. Through these steps, data on synthesis routes, material properties, processing steps, and scale up parameters are collected and used. Recent advances in process analytical technologies resulted in a large volume of(More)
The potential of the finite element method as a computational aid for making objective clinical decisions has not yet been exploited due to the unreliability of the results obtained. The main reasons for this may be attributed to the poor quality of the finite elements available in the conventional softwares, improper modeling of the three dimensional(More)
We have explored the possibility of using Transistor Laser as an Optical Amplifier in addition to its normal function as an electronic amplifier. The steady state gain is calculated by assuming different InGaAs Quantum Well thickness within the GaAs base of fixed width thereby changing the capture rate and confinement factor. Clear gin saturation effect is(More)
Photodetecctors using Si, Ge and other group IV alloys are of current interest for use at telecommunication wavelength 1550 nm. We have presented in this paper our work on resonant cavity enhanced (RCE) Si/SiGe multiple Quantum Well (MQW) and Ge Schottky photodetectors. Tensile strained Ge layers grown with suitable barriers show direct gap type I band(More)
A competitive kinetic scheme representing primary and secondary reactions is proposed for torrefaction of large wet wood particles. Drying and diffusive, convective and radiative mode of heat transfer is considered including particle shrinking during torrefaction. The model prediction compares well with the experimental results of both mass fraction residue(More)
The precise estimation of the degree of derivatization of functional groups in polymers is important for determining their macroscopic properties. In this work, the quantitative estimation of the extent of esterification of novolac copolymers with di-tert-butyl dicarbonate was studied. Although the extent of esterification has been calculated previously by(More)
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