Prabir G. Dastidar

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In this paper attempt has been made to unfold the intellectual base in ocean science and technology. The articles appeared in Science Citation Index (SCI) under Oceanography in the year 2000 were analyzed to decipher the scientist to scientist , organization to organization and country to country network structures. The causal linkages between the knowledge(More)
In this paper attempt has been made to study the engineering research scenario in ocean sector across the countries - globally. To understand the research dynamics, the articles appeared in Science Citation Index (SCI) database under Ocean Engineering category in the year 2000 were analyzed to visualize the structure of the field. USA and UK are the major(More)
To delineate the intellectual structure of Antarctic science, the research outputs on Antarctic science have been analyzed for a period of 25 years (1980–2004) through a set of scientometrics and network analysis techniques. The study is based on 10,942 records (research articles, letters, reviews, etc.), published in 961 journals/documents, and retrieved(More)
Shrimp aquaculture constitutes a major economic activity of some middle- and low-level economies in the world. Though it is practiced by around 70 countries, it is primarily dominated by China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ecuador and India. These six countries account for 80 % of the global shrimp production. The study has highlighted the role of research(More)
The ozone layer acts like a shield in safeguarding the Earth by preventing the harmful ultraviolet radiations from entering into the atmosphere. Reported damage to the ozone layer in 1985 was a significant milestone in Antarctic science research. The research work played a significant role in generating international socio-political debate on this great(More)
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