Prabhu Singh Khalsa

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The peripheral neural representation of object shape and orientation was studied by recording the responses of a spatially distributed population of rapidly and slowly adapting type I mechanoreceptors (RAs and SAs, respectively) to objects of different shapes and orientations indented at a fixed location on the fingerpad of the anesthetized monkey. The(More)
1. The sensitivity of group II joint afferents innervating cat knee joint capsule to in-plane stretch was studied in vitro. Single afferents were recorded from teased filaments of the posterior articular nerve. The capsule was stretched by applying forces through tabs along the edges of the capsule (3 tabs/edge) with the use of an apparatus that allowed for(More)
The representations of orientation and shape were studied in the responses of cutaneous mechanoreceptors to an isolated, raised object on a planar surface stroked across the fingerpad. The objects were the top portions of a sphere with a 5-mm radius, and two toroids each with a radius of 5 mm along one axis and differing radii of 1 or 3 mm along the(More)
It is known that afferent neurons play a protective role in knees made unstable by transection of the anterior cruciate ligament. However, it is not known whether cutting the anterior cruciate ligament has an effect on the response of the sensory neurons that innervate the joint. In this study, the responsiveness (activation threshold and position(More)
Mechanically sensitive nociceptor afferents were studied in a preparation of isolated skin from rat leg. Each neuron was studied while the skin was subjected to tensile and compressive loading. The experiment was designed to create highly uniform states of stress in both tension and compression. Tensile loads were applied by pulling on the edges of the(More)
Monitoring High Performance Computing clusters is currently geared towards providing system administrators the information they need to make informed decisions on the resources used in the cluster. However, this emphasis leaves out the End User, those who utilize the cluster resources towards projects and programs, as they are not given the information of(More)
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