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Mayavi is a general purpose, open source 3D scientific visualization package that is tightly integrated with the rich ecosystem of Python scientific packages. Mayavi provides a continuum of tools for developing scientific applications, ranging from interactive and script-based data visualization in Python to full-blown custom end-user applications.
Visualizing CFD data is extremely important. There are very few freely available tools that allow one to visualize scalar and vector data on rectilinear, structured and unstructured grids. MayaVi is a free tool developed by the author that helps visualize such CFD data. It uses the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) for the actual visualization and provides a(More)
Higher order panel methods are used to solve the Laplace equation in the presence of complex geometries. These methods are useful when globally accurate velocity or potential fields are desired as in the case of vortex based fluid flow solvers. This paper develops a fast multipole algorithm to compute velocity fields due to higher order, two-dimensional(More)
Vortex methods offer a grid-free alternative to simulating incompressible, viscous, fluid flows. They require the use of fairly sophisticated algorithms and can be complicated to implement for general flows. This article describes an object-oriented design used to implement a vortex particle based flow solver in two dimensions. We provide an overview of the(More)
Acknowledgement We would like to thank Kunal Puri for his guidance, support and patience throughout the summer and later. It been fun working with him. We would like to thank our guide Prof. Prabhu Ramachandran for his constant and invaluable support and inspiration. Special mention to Pankaj Pandey for his help with the code and helping us out to find many(More)