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T he In ter na tional Food Pol icy Re search In sti tute (IFPRI) is one of 16 Future Har vest cen ters and re ceives its prin ci pal fund ing from 58 gov ern-ments, pri vate foun da tions, and in ter na tional and re gional or gani za tions known as the Con sul ta tive Group on In ter na tional Ag ri cul tural Re search. IFPRI receives sup port from the 109(More)
  • Michael L Morris, Robert Tripp, A A Dankyi, O B Hemeng, Baffour Asafo, A O Apau +24 others
  • 1999
ii CIMMYT (www.cimmyt.mx or www.cimmyt.cgiar.org) is an internationally funded, nonprofit scientific research and training organization. Headquartered in Mexico, the Center works with agricultural research institutions worldwide to improve the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of maize and wheat systems for poor farmers in developing(More)
The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) is an international process designed to meet the needs of decision-makers and the public for scientific information concerning the consequences of ecosystem change for human well-being, and to analyze options available to enhance the conservation of ecosystems and their contributions to meeting human needs. Leading(More)
A detailed retrospective of the Green Revolution, its achievement and limits in terms of agricultural productivity improvement, and its broader impact at social, environmental, and economic levels is provided. Lessons learned and the strategic insights are reviewed as the world is preparing a "redux" version of the Green Revolution with more integrative(More)
Background There is now widespread recognition that HIV/AIDS is not simply a health issue. Effectively combating the pandemic will require a coordinated multisectoral approach. Although many in the agricultural sector embrace the idea of playing a role in combating HIV/AIDS, there has been very little analysis by agricultural policy analysts to guide them.(More)