Prabhu Dutta Das

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Researchers have long been interested in the potential of ICTs to enable positive change in developing regions communities. In these environments, ICT interventions often fail because political, social and cultural forces work against the changes ICTs entail. We argue that familiar uses of ICTs for information services in these contexts are less potent than(More)
Several studies have been conducted in many countries on how to increase the per capita consumption of poultry meat. With the growing demand for poultry meat, the development of value added product, such as chicken nuggets has been identified as the best way to increase poultry meat consumption. Apart from this allowing for the flourishing growth of fast(More)
The concept of time introduces important complexities in designing and evaluating programs, measuring and analyzing individual changes, and estimating intervention effects in multilevel interventions (MLIs). For example, investigators may focus on time to address whether interventions are more effective in early stages of implementation or whether their(More)
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