Prabhdeep Singh

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Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) is a devastating and refractory generalized epilepsy affecting children and adolescents. In this study we report the results of resective surgery in 18 patients with LGS phenotype who underwent single-lobe/lesionectomy or multilobe resection plus multiple subpial transection and/or callosotomy. After surgery, seven patients(More)
Workflows tend to fail in real-world scenarios due to the uncertain/unreliable sensory information which sometimes needs to be updated during the execution of workflows. In a logic based framework, these dynamic predicates that can be updated are called non-monotonic predicates (NMPs). In this paper, we focus on reducing the risk of a given workflow due to(More)
We propose an inexpensive and scalable approach for curation that takes advantage of automatic information extraction methods as a starting point, and is based on the premise that if there are a lot of articles, then there must be a lot of readers and authors of these articles. Thus we provide a mechanism by which the readers of the articles can participate(More)
WinAgent is a software system for creating and executing Personal Information Assistants (PIAs). These are software robots that can locate and extract targeted data buried deep within a web site. They do so by automatically navigating to relevant sites, locating the correct Web pages (which can be either directly accessed by traversing appropriate links or(More)
A Personal Information Assistant (PIA) is a software robot that a user deploys to retrieve targeted data from Web sources that he/she is interested in. A PIA automatically navigates to relevant sites, locates the correct Web pages (which can be either directly accessed by traversing appropriate links or by filling out HTML forms), and extracts, structures,(More)
In today's era, software industries are competing for software quality which depends upon the sound software testing phase. To deliver the quality product the most challenging job for software industry is to localize bugs automatically and fix them before release. One of the techniques for automated bug localization is usage of call graph. Since size(More)
Non Uniform Illumination in an image often leads to diminished structures and inhomogeneous intensities of the image due to different texture of the object surface and shadows cast from different light source directions. This effect is adverse in case of biological images. Techniques such as segmentation, edge detection and contrast or brightness(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Patients with Barrett's esophagus (BE) are at increased risk for esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC) and therefore require surveillance. Biopsies are classified as indefinite for dysplasia (IND) when the significance of epithelial abnormalities is uncertain due to inflammation or sampling. Our aim was to characterize the neoplastic risk of(More)
In Ad hoc networks, there is no central infrastructure but it allows mobile devices to establish communication path. Since, there is no central infrastructure and mobile devices are moving randomly, gives rise to various kinds of problems, such as security and routing. Here the problem of routing will be considered. In this work, a new Route Selection(More)