Prabhdeep Singh

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We propose an inexpensive and scalable approach for curation that takes advantage of automatic information extraction methods as a starting point, and is based on the premise that if there are a lot of articles, then there must be a lot of readers and authors of these articles. Thus we provide a mechanism by which the readers of the articles can participate(More)
WinAgent is a software system for creating and executing Personal Information Assistants (PIAs). These are software robots that can locate and extract targeted data buried deep within a web site. They do so by automatically navigating to relevant sites, locating the correct Web pages (which can be either directly accessed by traversing appropriate links or(More)
Workflows tend to fail in real-world scenarios due to the uncertain/unreliable sensory information which sometimes needs to be updated during the execution of work-flows. In a logic based framework, these dynamic predicates that can be updated are called non-monotonic predicates (NMPs). In this paper, we focus on reducing the risk of a given workflow due to(More)
  • Kanwalpreet Kaur, M Tech, Neha Azad, Prabhdeep Singh, Asssistant Professor
  • 2013
Business Intelligence (BI) is the ability for an organization to collect, maintain, and organize data and information to provide historical, current and predictive views of operations. Cloud Computing concepts promise new options for an internet based resourcing of hardware and software. Cloud BI Portal will provide a utility model of computing with lower(More)
We often realize that communicating with other colleagues who are studying similar topics helps to identify information relevant to our area of study, which otherwise may not have been found. We wish to accelerate acquisition of collective knowledge in a defined area by identifying specific spheres of inquiry. Such spheres correspond to groups of people who(More)
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