Prabhat Gupta

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Typical reconfigurable computing systems are based on an I/O interconnect such as PCIe. This yields good bandwidth performance, but incurs significant overhead for small packet sizes, and makes the implementation of on-streaming-data applications unduly difficult. We describe an architecture based on Intel R Quick Path Interconnect R that addresses these(More)
Growing demand for energy-efficient, high-performance systems has resulted in the growth of innovative heterogeneous computing system architectures that use FPGAs. FPGA-based architectures enable designers to implement custom instruction streams executing on potentially thousands of compute elements. Traditionally, FPGAs have been used as compute elements(More)
This paper introduces a flexible, hybrid emulation platform for processor related emulation. It is based on a modern Xeon server and FPGA. With Intel processors implemented in FPGA and plugged into the Xeon server's processor socket, and with the Xeon BIOS modified to accommodate different cores, this platform is able to boot OS and run applications while(More)
The present study was aimed at understanding the role of cyanobacteria and Azolla in methane production and oxidation in laboratory simulation experiments using soil samples from rice fields. All the seven cyanobacterial strains tested effected a significant decrease in the headspace concentration of methane in flooded soil, incubated under light.(More)
This paper introduces an FPGA-based emulation platform for optical-enabled computer system researches. As electrical links are reaching their physical limits, optical technologies begin increasingly to play a role in computer systems by enabling high speed IO, optical memory extension and system bus links. With its excellent latency, bandwidth, power and(More)
In this work we present an automatic algorithm for detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis from stained sputum smear images applying a novel method of tubeness filtering in conjunction with Otsu thresholding and connected component analysis. This eliminates human effort and measurement error from the detection of the bacteria, which normally requires a lab(More)
Engine control system of aircraft is used for controlling the engine parameters. In today's world Full Authority Digital Engine Control System (FADECS) is used for controlling engine of aircrafts. FADEC system broadly consists of the hydro-mechanical systems, sensors, harnesses, dedicated electronics and embedded software for controlling the engine(More)
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