Prabhakara Rao

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This paper presents an approach to feature point matching between widely separated views of color images that have undergone affine transformations, color contrast and illumination changes. Firstly, we present a KLT like feature extractor for color images that uses Fourier amplitude measure to estimate the derivatives. Next we define Fourier invariants for(More)
Back propagation is most widely used in neural network projects because it is easy to train and for its accuracy. Back propagation learning algorithm consists of two facets, the first one generate the input pattern of the network and the another one to adjust the output through altering the weights of the network. The back propagation algorithm can be for(More)
A simple and highly sensitive reagent of salicylaldehyde 3-oxobutanoylhydrazone (salicylaldehyde acetoacetic acid hydrazone, SAAH) was synthesized and studied for the spectrophotometric determination of nickel in detail. In the pH range 6, which greatly increased the selectivity, nickel reacted with SAAH to form a 1:1 yellow complex, having a sensitive(More)
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