Prabhakar Varadarajan

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The adsorption of Reactive red dye (RR) onto Coconut tree flower carbon (CFC) and Jute fibre carbon (JFC) from aqueous solution was investigated. Adsorption studies were carried out at different initial dye concentrations, initial solution pH and adsorbent doses. The kinetic studies were also conducted; the adsorption of Reactive red onto CFC and JFC(More)
There is an increasing need for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to be more tightly integrated with the Internet. Several real world deployment of stand-alone wireless sensor networks exists. A number of solutions have been proposed to address the security threats in these WSNs. However, integrating WSNs with the Internet in such a way as to ensure a secure(More)
Sheth and Sisodia (1999) in their article titled, " Revisit-ing Marketing's Lawlike Generalizations, " make a number of timely and insightful observations centered on the question of why some lawlike generalizations in marketing may need to be either modified or enhanced. According to the authors, the need for revisiting generalizations in marketing has(More)
Jute fiber obtained from the stem of a plant was used to prepare activated carbon using phosphoric acid. Feasibility of employing this jute fiber activated carbon (JFC) for the removal of Methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solution was investigated. The adsorption of MB on JFC has found to dependent on contact time, MB concentration and pH. Experimental(More)
The recent convergence of mobile and context-aware systems has seen a considerable rise in interest in applications that exploit aspects of the operating environment to offer services, tailor application behaviour or trigger adaptation. One area of ubiquitous computing is composed by the context-aware systems, systems where applications are designed to(More)
Performed several administrative and research functions of personal interest to the Senior Vice-President. Primary responsibility was to assist the SVP in his transition from General Counsel to a member of a recently established four man planning staff. This necessitated considerable involvement with a new strategic planning and control system established(More)
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