Prabha Sharma

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In this paper, we suggest a new pivot rule for the primal simplex algorithm for the minimum cost flow problem, known as the network simplex algorithm. Due to degeneracy, cycling may occur in the network simplex algorithm. By maintaining strongly feasible bases due to Cunningham [1976, 1979], cycling can be prevented but without restrictions on the entering(More)
Plants and plant-derived materials play an extremely important role in pest management programs. Essential oil from wood chips of Himalayan Cedar, Cedrus deodara (Roxburgh) Don (Pinales: Pinaceae), was obtained by hydrodistillation and fractionated to pentane and acetonitrile from which himachalenes and atlantones enriched fractions were isolated. A total(More)
A series of chalcones (A–CH=CH–CO–B) were synthesized under microwave irradiation, and for the first time their pesticidal activity against diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) was evaluated to identify the promising lead structures. The structure–activity relationship (SAR) analysis revealed that electron-withdrawing substituents on ring A of chalcone(More)
For the separable convex cost flow problem, we consider the problem of determining tolerance set for each arc cost function. For a given optimal flow x, a valid perturbation of ci j(x) is a convex function that can be substituted for ci j(x) in the total cost function without violating the optimality of x. Tolerance set for an arc(i, j) is the collection of(More)