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In this paper, we show that the solution of the supercrtical surface quasi-geostrophic (SQG) equation, with initial data in a critical Besov space, belongs to a subanalytic Gevrey class. In order to prove this, a suitable estimate on the nonlinear term, in the form of a commutator, is required. We express the commutator as a bilinear multiplier operator and(More)
Nowadays the estimation of the differential group delays amongst different navigation signals is performed at the different GNSS Control Centres by processing GNSS multi-frequency observables gathered by ground sensor stations. A significant improvement can be envisaged if the estimation is aided by multi-frequency observables from GNSS receivers onboard(More)
We derive the leptonic neutral current in the simplest little Higgs model and compute the contribution of the model to the decay width Z → e + e −. Using the precision electroweak data we obtain a strong lower bound f ≥ 5.6 TeV at 95% C.L. on the characteristic energy scale of the model. It results in a lower bound for the new gauge bosons W ′± and Z ′ as(More)
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