Prabath Gunawardane

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UCSC Figure 1: Capturing a BRDF slice and applying a reflectance model improves material classification. Sample captured image, 1 of 64 Abstract Segmenting images into distinct material types is a very useful capability. Most work in image segmentation addresses the case where only a single image is available. Some methods improve on this by collecting HDR(More)
The tools and standards of best practice adopted by natural science (NS) and cultural heritage (CH) professionals will determine the digital future of NS and CH digital imaging work. This tutorial discusses emerging digital technologies and explores issues influencing widespread adoption of digital practices for NS and CH. The tutorial explores a possible(More)
Desktop video conferencing often suffers from bad lighting, which may be caused by harsh shadowing, saturated regions, etc. The primary reason for this is the lack of control over lighting in the user's environment. A hardware-based solution to this problem would be to place lights near the video camera, but these would be distracting to the user. We use a(More)
3D displays are increasingly popular in consumer and commercial applications. Many such displays show 3D images to viewers wearing special glasses, while showing an incomprehensible double image to viewers without glasses. We demonstrate a simple method that provides those with glasses a 3D experience, while viewers without glasses see a 2D image without(More)
Accurate virtual reconstruction of real world objects has long been a desired goal of image-based computer graphics. Usually this involves a lengthy capture process where an object is photographed from different viewpoints and illumination conditions. Using this collection of input images, we can now re-render the object from any viewing angle or lighting(More)
In this paper, we present a keyframe-based human motion capture data retrieval system which uses a wooden doll as the input device. A user inputs a keyframe by posing an artist's doll with painted joints in front of a stereo camera rig. The system interactively gives real-time feedback on the results of the joint detection and 3D pose reconstruction as the(More)
—There is a wealth of information collected about national level socioeconomic indicators across all countries each year. These indicators are important in recognizing the level of development in certain aspects of a particular country, and are also essential in international policy making. However with past data spanning several decades and many hundreds(More)
Image based relighting techniques are a popular choice for generating photo-realistic images of objects under any lighting condition. A typical process for creating such a model involves photographing the object lit from different directions using a hemispherical lighting array. While generating high-quality results, this requires a customized hardware(More)