Prabaharan Poornachandran

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With the evolution of internet, author profiling has become a topic of great interest in the field of forensics, security, marketing, plagiarism detection etc. However the task of identifying the characteristics of the author just based on a text document has its own limitations and challenges. This paper reports on the design, techniques and learning(More)
Among most of the cyber attacks that occured, the most drastic are advanced persistent threats. APTs are differ from other attacks as they have multiple phases, often silent for long period of time and launched by adamant, well-funded opponents. These targeted attacks mainly concentrated on government agencies and organizations in industries, as are those(More)
In this digital era, lot of information are expressed through images. Various social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. provides a platform for the users to post up almost any type of picture or photo. However, with the advancement in image editing technologies, many users have become victims of digital forgery as their uploaded(More)
Personal health records (PHR) either resides in the hospital or resides with the patient in the form of paper-based records. When PHR is in the printed form it is bulky and inconvenient to carry by the user. Since smart phones has become ubiquitous and a necessity in day to day life, and most of them are equipped with contactless near field communication(More)
There has been a rampant surge in compromise of consumer grade small scale routers in the last couple of years. Attackers are able to manipulate the Domain Name Space (DNS) settings of these devices hence making them capable of initiating different man-in-the-middle attacks. By this study we aim to explore and comprehend the current state of these attacks.(More)
Proper machine condition monitoring is really crucial for any industrial and mechanical systems. The efficiency of mechanical systems greatly relies on rotating components like shaft, bearing and rotor. This paper focuses on detecting different fault in the roller bearings by casting the problem as machine learning based pattern classification problem. The(More)
Given the continuous growth of malicious activities on the internet, there is a need for intelligent systems to identify malicious web pages. It has been shown that URL analysis is an effective tool for detecting phishing, malware, and other attacks. Previous studies have performed URL classification using a combination of lexical features, network traffic,(More)
Currently critical infrastructures such as SCADA systems are increasingly under threat, they often go unreported. There is a great need in addressing them. Today majority of the industries use these SCADA systems, so it is very critical to protect these systems. Attack on these systems could cause serious damage to the infrastructure and sometimes a threat(More)