Prab Sethi

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DISCLAIMER This report was prepared as the result of work sponsored by the California Energy Commission. It does not necessarily represent the views of the Energy Commission, its employees or the State of California. The Energy Commission, the State of California, its employees, contractors and subcontractors make no warrant, express or implied, and assume(More)
Two spectrophotometric methods have been developed for the simultaneous determination of diloxanide furoate and tinidazole in combined dosage formulations without prior separation. The first method is based on the measurement of the absorbance of a methanolic solution of the sample at 259 and 311 nm and application of a simplified Vierordt equation for the(More)
Two spectrophotometric methods have been developed for the simultaneous determination of chlorzoxazone and acetaminophen in their combined dosage forms. No preliminary separation step is required in either method. The first, an absorbance ratio technique using the isoabsorptive point as one of the wavelengths, together with "Q curve" analysis gives accurate(More)
A spectrophotometric procedure for the simultaneous determination of mefenamic acid and paracetamol in a mixture is described. Using 0.01 M methanolic hydrochloric acid as solvent, the absorbance of the mixture is measured at 248, 279 and 351 nm. The concentration of each component can be calculated by solving two equations using two wavelengths, either 248(More)
On the basis of IR, UV, ORD, NMR and high resoluted mass spectral data as well as chemical transformations, evidence for structure 1 of the D-homo-aromatic plant steroid nicandrenone from Nicandra physaloides (Solanaceae) was given. The sterochemistry of both epoxy lactol functions in this compound was established using intramolecular hydrogen bonding(More)