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The properties of coal fly ash are strongly dependent on the geological origin and the combustion process of the coal. It is important to characterize regional fly ash in detail to ascertain its potential uses as raw material in the production of high value products. The physicochemical properties of fly ash coming from the "Jose Lopez Portillo" coal-fired(More)
Coal-fired plants in Coahuila (Mexico) produce highly reactive fly ash (MFA), which is used in a one-step process as a raw material in producing zeolite. We explored two routes in the synthesis of zeolite: (a) direct MFA zeolitization, which resulted in the formation of W zeolite with KOH and analcime with NaOH and (b) a MFA fusion route, which resulted in(More)
Zeolitization of fly-ash by a direct route and a fusion method (two-step process) was studied using an orthogonal array of Taguchi experimental design. The effect of different processing conditions, such as type and concentration of the mineralizing agent, fusion and crystallizing temperatures and times and stirring speed, on the quantity of the zeolitic(More)
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