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Preparation of dihydrocarminomycin and a comparison of its antitumor activity with the activity of carminomycin
A dihydro derivative of karminomycin was prepared using chemical reduction with potassium boron hydride. When dihydrokarminomycin was administered intravenously to healthy albino mice in a singleExpand
[Obtaining 14-oxycarminomycin and a study of its antitumor activity].
The preparation had the same selective antitumor activity as karminomycin and on two-fold intravenous administration to mice with lymphosarcoma, strain L10-1, 14-oxycarminomcin showed the same toxicity as karatecin. Expand
Synthesis and properties of carminomycinone derivatives
The aglycones (III-V) prepared by us may serve a starting material in chemical synthesis, as well as biosynthesis of semi-synthetic preparations of the carminomycin series. Expand
Production and antitumor properties of carminazone
Karminazon had a lower selective antitumor activity with respect to lymphosarcoma than karminomycin, and in its intravenous use in the treatment of mice with lymphosARcoma L10-1 karmineazon was less toxic and had lower antitumors activity than karsenomycin. Expand
[Synthesis of spin-labeled rubomycin and a study of its interaction with DNA].
The results of the study of the EPR spectra correlated with the model of rubomycin intercalation between the pairs of DNA bases and were indicative of water surrounding of the nitroxyl group of SL-rubomycin bound with DNA. Expand