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We study the effects of a possible strong final state interaction among longitudinal W 's in γγ → W W. The relevant partial wave amplitudes are modified by an Omnès function approximated by a Breit-Wigner form factor. We study the fractional cross section f 00 = σ LL /σ Total with both W 's longitudinally polarised, in the presence of a J = 2 resonance (M =(More)
We have studied dijet production in γγ collisions with a view to probing the physics of large extra dimensions. The exchange of virtual spin-2 Kaluza-Klein excitations is found to modify the dijet cross-section substantially from its Standard Model value and allows the effective string scale to be probed to values between 2.5 and 6.4 TeV in the unpolarised(More)
We study the process e + e − → W + W − to probe low-scale gravity at high energy linear colliders. A characteristic signature of extra-dimensions models is the forward-backward asymmetry due to the interference of spin-2 graviton and spin-1 SM gauge boson exchange terms, even when right-polarised electron beam is used. Our analysis shows that larger than 5%(More)
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