Poulia Adamopoulou

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The explosive growth in the size and use of the World Wide Web continuously creates new great challenges and needs. The need for predicting the users’ preferences in order to expedite and improve the browsing though a site can be achieved through personalizing of the Websites. Recommendation and personalization algorithms aim at suggesting WebPages to users(More)
In this paper we discuss the integration of QoS-awa research and personalization algorithms in order to discover effectual Web Services for the case of mobile web users. We present a number of novel ranking algorithms specially designed for mobile web architectures. To validate and evaluate the proposed algorithms we developed a fully working prototype for(More)
Late developments in Web Service discovery approaches mainly focus on the incorporation of the QoS concept in the selection process. In this paper, we present a generalized design and implementation of a QoS enabled Web Service discovery mechanism. We describe a mechanism extending the propositions of [1] in a generalized environment that consists of(More)
In science learning, cognitive concepts that are distinguished for the complexity of their structure and operation can be understood by using successful metaphors. Conventional instruction is ineffective in dealing with misconceptions. We propose a semantic learning interventions management system that utilizes web services technology. The proposed system(More)
Yannis Makripoulias, Chirstos Makris, Yiannis Panagis, Evangelos Sakkopoulos, Poulia Adamopoulou, Miltiadis Lytras and Athanasios Tsakalidis 1 Research Academic Computer Technology Institute Internet and Multimedia Technologies Research Unit N. Kazantzaki Str. 26504 Patras, Greece 2 Computer Engineering & Informatics dpt School of Engineering, University of(More)
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