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Influence of thermal aging on the breakdown characteristics of transformer oil impregnated paper
For a long time, thermal effect, as a major factor for insulation aging, is a great challenge to the safe operation of power transformers. During the decades-long operation, cellulose fibersExpand
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Impact of time parameters of lightning impulse on the breakdown characteristics of oil paper insulation
At present, the insulation performances of electrical apparatus under lightning impulse voltages are always evaluated by the withstand test of standard lightning impulse voltage (1.2/50 µs), which isExpand
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A Novel Active Mechanical HVDC Breaker With Consecutive Interruption Capability for Fault Clearances in MMC-HVDC Systems
The lack of dc fault clearance capability is a major obstacle that restricts the development of high-voltage direct current (HVdc) systems. Expand
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Investigation of dielectric properties of polyethylene terephthalate under different aging temperatures
The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is widely used in dry-type insulation application because of its excellent insulation properties. In practice, thermal aging of PET is often encountered, but theExpand
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Improved low-frequency transformer model based on Jiles–Atherton hysteresis theory
Transformers are the most widely used apparatus in power systems to transfer electrical energy from one side to another. Despite remarkable achievements in transformer modelling over the past fewExpand
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Study on the accumulative effect of repeated lightning impulses on insulation characteristics of transformer oil impregnated paper
Oil-paper insulation, as a major insulation mode used in power transformers, is continuously and unavoidably subjected to repeated lightning impulses, which may bring potential risk to the insulationExpand
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Study on voltage-number characteristics of transformer insulation under transformer invading non-standard lightning impulses
According to the IEC Standard, the insulation performances of power apparatus under lightning impulse voltages are evaluated by the withstand test of standard lightning impulse voltage, with the waveExpand
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Effect of space charge on the accumulative characteristics of oil paper insulation under repeated lightning impulses
Repeated impulses have long been considered to affect the insulation properties of electrical equipment. This interesting but rarely studied phenomenon may pose great risks to the reliable operationExpand
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Reversible Wideband Hybrid Model of Two-Winding Transformer Including the Core Nonlinearity and EMTP Implementation
We propose an improved wideband model considering core nonlinearity for single-phase two-winding transformers and its implementation in the Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP). Expand
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Review of accumulative failure of winding insulation subjected to repetitive impulse voltages
The premature failure phenomenon that occurs in solid insulation under the application of repetitive impulse voltages is known as the accumulative effect of impulse voltages on a solid dielectric.Expand
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