Portia Jackson

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In this article, we evaluate the impact of a health literacy intervention to decrease emergency room and doctor's office visits for common childhood illness symptoms. Our education model trained low-income parents of young children (9,240 families) at 55 Head Start sites on the use of a low-literacy health book to respond to common childhood illnesses. The(More)
The increasing consumption of junk food and snacks in Chile in recent years and its association with marketing strategies and prevalent diseases, is reviewed. In the context of world economy, junk food is a global phenomenon. The availability of junk food and snacks at low prices and marketing has triggered an evolution of consumption of foods that require(More)
Public-private partnerships allow communities and corporate entities to pool resources to address a mission of relevance to their common constituency or consumer base. Collaborations between public health and professional sports may present unique opportunities to improve health outcomes related to physical activity since athletes are fitness icons, both(More)
By the 1950s--100 years after the great famine of 1845-49-- 57% of emigrants from the 26 countries of Ireland were women. In the latter 1/2 of the 19th Century, increasing proportions of women emigrated, until they outnumbered men. For women it was more than a flight from poverty. It was also an escape from an increasingly patriarchal society, whose(More)
examples offered in the instrument, at times leading to incorrect responses. Vietnamese participants were unfamiliar with the cloze procedure used in our translated version of the TOFHLA reading comprehension scale. This lack of familiarity intimidated Vietnamese participants who often became hostile and abandoned the instrument before completing it,(More)
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