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1. INTRODUCTION Madagascar's imperilled biota are now experiencing the effects of a new threat—climate change (Raxworthy et al. 2008). With more than 90% endemism among plants, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, the stakes are high. The pristine landscapes that allowed this exceptional biodiversity to survive past climate changes are largely gone.(More)
Madagascar is well-known for the exceptional biodiversity of its macro-flora and fauna, but the biodiversity of Malagasy microbial communities remains relatively unexplored. Understanding patterns of bacterial diversity in soil and their correlations with above-ground botanical diversity could influence conservation planning as well as sampling strategies(More)
Illegal selective logging of tropical timber is of increasing concern worldwide. Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot and home to some of the world's most sought after tropical timber species. Malagasy rosewoods belong to the genus Dalbergia (Fabaceae), which is highly diverse and has a pantropical distribution, but these timber species are among the most(More)
Species delimitation within Angraecum section Dolabrifolia is problematic due to morphological variability coupled with overlap in many of the characters traditionally used to distinguish species. Recent molecular phylogenetic studies of the genus included three of the five currently described species of the Dolabrifolia group, placing them as sister to(More)
Conservation and development are intricately linked. The international donor community has long provided aid to tropical countries in an effort to alleviate poverty and conserve biodiversity. While hundreds of millions of $ have been invested in over 500 environmental-based projects in Madagascar during the period covered by a series of National(More)
Phylogenetic studies have demonstrated that Schefflera, the largest genus of Araliaceae, is grossly polyphyletic, comprising five distinct clades within the family. In an effort to establish monophyletic genera among the elements that currently comprise Schefflera, the genus Plerandra is expanded to encompass all of the members of one of these clades. In(More)
(2004) long-term impacts of logging on forest diversity in Madagascar. (2001). The biodiversity of Madagascar: one of the world's hottest hotspots on its way out. (2011) Lemurs in a complex landscape mapping species density in subtropical dry forests of southwestern Madagascar using data at multiple levels. Is heterogeneity of catchability in(More)
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