Porsha M James

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PURPOSE Pancreatic cancer clinical trials open in the United States and their accrual were examined to identify opportunities to accelerate progress in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. METHODS Pancreatic cancer-specific clinical trials open in the United States in the years 2011 and 2012 were obtained from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network database.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the risks imposed by tobacco smoking, in particular, bidi smoking, in the development of lung cancer. METHODS Two hundred eighty-four histologically confirmed patients of bronchogenic carcinoma and 852 controls matched for age, sex, and socioeconomic status were interviewed according to a predesigned questionnaire. Effects of(More)
Abstract Aims/hypothesis. Reduced bioavailability of endothelium-derived nitric oxide is implicated in diabetic macrovascular and microvascular disease. In patients with diabetes, we hypothesised that protein glycosylation can alter nitric oxide binding affinity of haemoglobin and plasma proteins, hence reducing nitric oxide availability and causing an(More)
Focal scleroderma is a connective-tissue disorder manifested by fibrosis of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Consequently, it may be associated with joint contractures, extremity deformity, and impairment of extremity function. It has a variable clinical course, with both remissions and recurrences. In resistant cases of extremity involvement, treatment(More)
In 15 patients with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, 18 operations were performed to improve elbow function. These operations were for seven cases of pectoralis transfer, seven cases of anterior transfer of triceps, two cases of posterior elbow release, and two cases of Steindler flexoroplasty. Results were evaluated on two simple criteria: single-hand(More)
Acquired unilateral pes planus due to hemangioma of the gastrocnemius is an unusual and rarely reported event. In recent years, three children with latent onset unilateral toe-walking due to hemangioma of the proximal gastrocnemius have received treatment at our facility. This report details the usual clinical syndrome and presents postsurgical results. Our(More)
A retrospective study was conducted to examine the efficacy and potential morbidity of hip fusion using the Cobra-head plate in adolescents. A heterogeneous group of 11 adolescents, with recalcitrant hip pain and an average age of 14.6 years, underwent unilateral hip arthrodesis with the Cobra-head plate for internal fixation. Seven (64%) patients achieved(More)
Sixty-six brachial plexus palsies in 64 patients were retrospectively reviewed at the San Francisco Unit of the Shriners Hospital system in a 15-year period from 1973 to 1988. All patients were referred with persistent brachial plexus palsies caused by birth trauma. The distribution of palsies at birth included 34 upper palsies, three lower palsies, and 29(More)