Pornrapee Vongvilai

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Aigialone (1) and aigialospirol (2), two structurally unique compounds, were isolated from the mangrove fungus Aigialus parvus BCC 5311. The structure of the new ketene acetal 1 was elucidated by spectral analysis, and its relative stereochemistry was determined by X-ray crystallography. The stereochemistry of aigialospirol (2), elucidated by NMR spectral(More)
Dual promiscuous racemization/amidation activities of lipases leading to efficient dynamic kinetic resolution protocols of racemic α-aminonitrile compounds are described. α-Amidonitrile products of high enantiomeric purity could be formed in high yields. Several lipases from different sources were shown to exhibit the dual catalytic activities, where(More)
A dynamic resolution process based on multiple reversible cyanohydrin formation coupled to lipase-mediated transesterification is demonstrated. The resulting process resulted in the efficient evaluation of complex lipase performances in asymmetric cyanohydrin acylate synthesis. Dynamic systems were generated and resolved in situ, and the effects of the(More)
The Strecker reaction is one of the most important multicomponent reactions developed, leading to alpha-aminonitriles that are versatile substrates for many synthetic applications. In the present study, this reaction type has been applied to a double dynamic covalent resolution protocol, leading to efficient C-C- and C-N-bond generation as well as chiral(More)
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