Pornpimon Palingoon

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We propose a collaborative framework for collecting Thai unknown words found on Web pages over the Internet. Our main goal is to design and construct a Webbased system which allows a group of interested users to participate in constructing a Thai unknown-word open dictionary. The proposed framework provides supporting algorithms and tools for automatically(More)
Opinion mining and sentiment analysis has recently gained increasing attention among the NLP community. Opinion mining is considered a domaindependent task. Constructing lexicons for different domains is labor intensive. In this paper, we propose a framework for constructing Thai language resource for feature-based opinion mining. The feature-based opinion(More)
Due to the explosive growth of social media usage in Thailand, many businesses and organizations including market research agencies are seeking for tools which could perform real-time sentiment analysis on the large contents. In this paper, we propose S-Sense, a framework for analyzing sentiment on Thai social media. The proposed framework consists of(More)
Today Twitter has become a popular online medium for posting and sharing news and events. Generally, many Twitter posts or “tweets” refer to the same topics or events. Searching on Twitter could return a long list of search results. To solve the problem, we propose an approach for clustering the Twitter search results based on the Suffix Tree(More)
This paper presents an ontology-based health information system supporting exploration of semantically linked health knowledge. The system was built based on an integrated framework focusing on four major aspects in ontology management: ontology creation, interpretation, manipulation and distribution. Ontology was created using mind-mapping and Web-based(More)
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