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Without multiplexing, Powerline (PL) can support the concept of smart sensor web broadcasting of an N -sensors-to-single-owner (N -to-1) for household=stadium=mall=metro=city surveillance. In order to make the single user scenario feasible, the underdetermined blind source separation (BSS) problem x(k) = 〈a; s (k)〉+ n(k) has to be solved so that only inner(More)
Information and communication technology (ICT) generates rapid changes of business processes throughout the world, especially in developing counties. Basis of ICT development is composed of ICT infrastructure, ICT hardware, software & information system, and people. ICT strategies and ICT plans should be evaluated to align with organization visions and(More)
There is a need for alternatives to traditional wideband wireless networks to exploit the advances in broadband delivery of communications. Many locations do not lend themselves to installation of network cables or wireless access ports. One alternative that has shown promise is the use of powerlines. It has been demonstrated that powerlines may be suitable(More)
This paper introduces the data-driven signal decomposition method based on the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) technique. The decomposition process uses the data themselves to derive the base function in order to decompose the one-dimensional signal into a finite set of intrinsic mode signals. The novelty of EMD is that the decomposition does not use any(More)
Pre-term infants - less than 37 weeks gestational age - usually had immature lungs' development, which resulted of poor oxygen saturation in red blood cells. A blood oxygen saturation level was measured in percent of Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2). Medical doctors needed to order an oxygen therapy to maintain SpO2 of the infants between(More)
Safety of patients and quality of medical cares are important factors in healthcare services. This research focuses on design of a process and implementation of an information system to prevent medication errors in an inpatient ward (IPD). Research studied as-is processes regarding medication, identified non-value added activities, and risks of medication(More)
The Thai justice has been using Information systems in their routine works for nearly 20 years. Around 1993, Thailand attempted to integrate information systems (IS) of all agencies in justice system. Unfortunately, the result was unsuccessful and the project was terminated. The critical but common problems are data duplication and data inconsistency.(More)
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