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We present AndroidRipper, an automated technique that tests Android apps via their Graphical User Interface (GUI). AndroidRipper is based on a user-interface driven ripper that automatically explores the app’s GUI with the aim of exercising the application in a structured manner. We evaluate AndroidRipper on an open-source Android app. Our results(More)
SUMMARY The rapid, progressive diffusion of Web applications in several productive contexts of our modern society is laying the foundations of a renewed scenario of software development, where one of the emerging problems is that of defining and validating cost-effective approaches for maintaining and evolving these software systems. Due to several factors,(More)
— This paper presents a toolset for GUI testing of Android applications. The toolset is centered on a GUI ripper that systematically explores the GUI structure of an application under test with the aim of firing sequences of user events and exposing failures of the application. The toolset supports the execution of a testing procedure that automatically(More)