Porfírio P. Filipe

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Being the next big step in automobile industry, electric vehicles continue to have limited autonomy which associated with the long charging times, limited charging stations and undeveloped smart grid infrastructure demands for a hard planning of the daily use of the vehicle. This paper presents an information system that will help the driver in the daily(More)
A Natural Language Interface for Databases allows users of multimedia kiosks to formulate natural language questions. User questions are first translated into a logic language and subsequently into Structured Query Language (SQL), which is processed by a database management system to return the answer. This paper focuses on the translation stage. Special(More)
In the near future people will be surrounded by intelligent devices embedded in everyday objects where the knowledge and understanding of device attributes and capabilities will be a key enabler. This paper describes the current state of our research in design distributed knowledge based devices as a solution to adapt spoken dialogue systems within ambient(More)
This paper describes our research in enhance everyday devices as a solution to adapt Spoken Dialogue Systems (SDS) within ambient intelligence. In this context, a SDS enables universal access to ambient intelligence for anyone, anywhere at anytime, allowing the access to any device through any media or language. The main problem that we want to address is(More)
This paper describes the recent effort to improve our Domain Knowledge Manager (DKM) that is part of a mixed-initiative task based Spoken Dialogue System (SDS) architecture, namely to interact within an ambient intelligence scenario. Machine-learning applied to SDS dialogue management strategy design is a growing research area. Training of such strategies(More)
The current work deals with the problem of growing population in the cities and the associated mobility problems. For this problem it is proposed a Multi-Modal Transportation Advisor system, based on the integration from different data sources such as public transportation systems, car and bike sharing or car pooling. Taking into account real time traffic(More)
The goal of this research work is to introduce the concept of a lower cost flexible system for ticketing purposes implemented on a cloud platform. We propose therefore the evolution of the traditional architecture of ticketing for a cloud based architecture in which the core processes of ticketing are offered through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business(More)