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Microorganisms decomposing acetylcholine
[Single-stranded DNA from viruses, prokaryotes and eukaryotes].
It is stated that the problem of single-stranded DNA significance in cells remains open, although some results have been achieved and advances in bacteria transformation studies are stated. Expand
Effect of nitrogen source on growth of Arthrobacter simplex and its biosynthesis of cholinesterase
The culture assimilates nitrogen of ammonium compounds better than other forms of inorganic nitrogen; the best nitrogen source for biosynthesis of cholinesterase is ammonium phosphate; Nitrogen of nitrates is not assimilated. Expand
[The role of single-stranded DNA in the integration of SV40 genome into cellular DNA].
The role of single-stranded structures in the integration of the SV40 genome into cellular DNA was shown by blot hybridization and the integration mechanism is discussed. Expand
Integration of SV40 DNA into the cell genome and viral mutagenesis
The data presented allow to conclude that integration per se does not play a crucial role in determining the mutagenic and transforming effect of the virus. Expand