Popatbhai K. Patel

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A series of pyrazoline-based new heterocycles have recently been synthesized from our group where some of the compounds display potent anti-tubercular activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv. In order to further explore the potency of the compounds, quantitative structure activity relationship study is carried out using genetic function(More)
A simple and accurate method to determine tadalafil (TAD) in pure powder and tablet dosage form was developed and validated using HPLC. The separation was achieved on an Xterra RP18 column (150 x 4.6 mm id, 3.5 microm) in the isocratic mode using buffer-acetonitrile (70 + 30, v/v), adjusted to pH 7.00 +/- 0.05 with triethylamine as the mobile phase at a(More)
SGLT2 has become a target of therapeutic interest in diabetes research. CoMFA and CoMSIA studies were performed on C-aryl glucoside SGLT2 inhibitors (180 analogues) as potential anti-diabetic agents. Three different alignment strategies were used for the compounds. The best CoMFA and CoMSIA models were obtained by means of Distill rigid body alignment of(More)
Various recent reports on Tuberculosis have alarmed an increase in the patient class and subsequent death rates across the globe. Over and above the spread of more dangerous and fatal forms of tuberculosis like MDR-TB i.e. multiple-drug resistance tuberculosis, XDR-TB i.e. extensively-drug resistance tuberculosis & TDR-TB i.e. total-drug resistance(More)
Despite the vast potential of nanoparticles in anticancer therapies, the method of evaluating nanoparticle penetration within specific tumors is neither standardized nor mainstream. Multicellular tumor spheroids have been established as a popular model for in vitro screening of nanoparticles; however, their utility would be expanded considerably by improved(More)
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