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Cloud Migration Research: A Systematic Review
Background--By leveraging cloud services, organizations can deploy their software systems over a pool of resources. However, organizations heavily depend on their business-critical systems, whichExpand
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Microservices Architecture Enables DevOps: Migration to a Cloud-Native Architecture
This article reports on experiences and lessons learned during incremental migration and architectural refactoring of a commercial mobile back end as a service to microservices architecture. ItExpand
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Autonomic resource provisioning for cloud-based software
Cloud elasticity provides a software system with the ability to maintain optimal user experience by automatically acquiring and releasing resources, while paying only for what has been consumed. TheExpand
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Microservices: A Systematic Mapping Study
Microservices have recently emerged as an architectural style, addressing how to build, manage, and evolve architectures out of small, self-contained units. Particularly in the cloud, theExpand
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An Uncertainty-Aware Approach to Optimal Configuration of Stream Processing Systems
Finding optimal configurations for Stream Processing Systems (SPS) is a challenging problem due to the large number of parameters that can influence their performance and the lack of analyticalExpand
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An Automated Service Identification Method
Context: A key activity in the construction of any enterprise-wide service-oriented system is the identification of enterpriselevel services from business models based on required quality attributes.Expand
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Migrating to Cloud-Native Architectures Using Microservices: An Experience Report
Migration to the cloud has been a popular topic in industry and academia in recent years. Despite many benefits that the cloud presents, such as high availability and scalability, most of theExpand
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Cloud Container Technologies: A State-of-the-Art Review
Containers as a lightweight technology to virtualise applications have recently been successful, particularly to manage applications in the cloud. Often, the management of clusters of containersExpand
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Microservices: The Journey So Far and Challenges Ahead
Microservices are an architectural approach emerging out of service-oriented architecture, emphasizing self-management and lightweightness as the means to improve software agility, scalability, andExpand
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Performance-oriented DevOps: A Research Agenda
DevOps is a trend towards a tighter integration between development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams. The need for such an integration is driven by the requirement to continuously adapt enterpriseExpand
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