Pooya Rahimian

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We investigated how people jointly coordinate their decisions and actions with a computer-generated character (agent) in a large-screen virtual environment. The task for participants was to physically cross a steady stream of traffic on a virtual road without getting hit by a car. Participants performed this task with another person or with a(More)
This paper presents an experiment conducted in a large-screen immersive virtual environment to evaluate how texting pedestrians respond to permissive traffic alerts delivered via their cell phone. We developed a cell phone app that delivered information to texting pedestrians about when traffic conditions permit safe crossing. We compared gap selection and(More)
Optical motion capture is based on estimating the three-dimensional positions of markers by triangulation from multiple cameras. Successful performance depends on points being visible from at least two cameras and on the accuracy of the triangulation. Triangulation accuracy is strongly related to the positions and orientations of the cameras. Thus, the(More)
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