Poovendren Govender

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Modern manufacturing techniques depend upon systems that produce high volumes with consistent quality in order to ensure maximum productivity. One source of reduced productivity is equipment failure. To minimize these production losses, we propose an intelligent system that is incorporated into the architecture of a machine for detecting the onset of(More)
Absfracl-An industrial food processing plant consisting of nonlinear dynamics requires pressure and temperature controllers to he nonlinear. In this paper, nonlinesr controllers are designed using. fuzzy logic to augment the conventional pressure and temperature PI controllers for an industrial food processing plant. Simulation results are presented to show(More)
In this paper a self optimising algorithm for neighbourcell lists in a WCDMA Network is proposed. The effect of a missing WCDMA cell that should be defined as a neighbour degrades network performance. It is likely to cause interference, resulting in bad quality or a dropped connection. The radio environment and network is a dynamic system and the original(More)
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