Poothayil Subash Pramod

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Dextran vesicular nanoscaffolds were developed based on polysaccharide and renewable resource alkyl tail for dual encapsulation of hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules (or drugs) and delivery into cells. The roles of the hydrophobic segments on the molecular self-organization of dextran backbone into vesicles or nanoparticles were investigated in detail.(More)
Multi-drug delivery based on polymer nano-scaffolds is an essential protocol to be developed for better administration of anticancer drugs to enhance their therapeutic efficacies against cancer cells. Here, we report dual delivery polysaccharide nano-vesicles that are capable of loading and delivering both water soluble and water insoluble drugs together in(More)
The present work reports the development of pH and enzyme dual responsive polysaccharide vesicular nano-scaffolds for the administration of doxorubicin via physical loading and polymer-drug conjugation to breast cancer cells. Dextran was suitably modified with a renewable resource 3-pentadecyl phenol unit through imine and aliphatic ester chemical linkages(More)
The accurate estimation of drug release kinetics of polymeric vehicles is an indispensable prerequisite for the developments of successful drug carriers for cancer therapy. The present investigation reports the development of time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopic approach for the real-time release kinetics of fluorophore loaded polysaccharide vesicles(More)
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