Poornima Padmanabhan

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This experimental study probed the effectiveness of three kinds of objects (videos, theories, metaphors) as common reference points for conversations between online learners. Outcome measures were learners’ levels of tacit-knowledge (TK) of specific concepts related to their practice (teaching). Learners’ level of detail-focus was examined as a mediating(More)
Increasing penetration of energy efficiency programs and distributed renewable energy generation has imposed significant challenges for utilities to recoup their large upfront costs. There is a heated debate on what surcharges should be implemented to help the utilities recover their fixed costs; however, very few studies focus on consumers’ attitudes(More)
Pure diblock copolymer melts exhibit a narrow range of conditions at which bicontinuous and cocontinuous phases are stable; such conditions and the morphology of such phases can be tuned by the use of additives. In this work, we have studied a bidisperse system of diblock copolymers using theory and simulation. In particular, we elucidated how a short,(More)
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