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BACKGROUND Set-up errors are an inherent part of radiation treatment process. Coverage of target volume is a direct function of set-up margins, which should be optimized to prevent inadvertent irradiation of adjacent normal tissues. The aim of this study was to evaluate three-dimensional (3D) set-up errors and propose optimum margins for target volume(More)
Taktir is one of the fruits consumed by the large population of eastern Himalaya and other south east Asian countries. The fruits were harvested in five different harvesting times starting from second fortnight of April to mid of May to adjudge the best maturity time for fresh consumption and processing of fruits. The fruits harvested during 1st week of May(More)
Chaotic dynamics of a three species prey-predator competition model with noise in ecology",A new analytical approach for limit cycles and quasi-periodic solutions of nonlinear oscillators: the example of the forcedEffects of chemical reaction and thermal radiation on MHD flow over an inclined permeable stretching surface with non-uniform heat source/sink:(More)
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