Pooran Chand

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We have recently reported an influenza virus neuraminidase inhibitor, RWJ-270201 (BCX-1812), a novel cyclopentane derivative discovered through structure-based drug design. In this paper, we compare the potency of three compounds, RWJ-270201, oseltamivir, and zanamivir, against neuraminidase enzymes from various subtypes of influenza. RWJ-270201 effectively(More)
High severity of Altemaria blight disease is a major constraint in production of rapeseed-mustard in India. The aim of this study was to investigate the suppressive potential of chemicals viz., zinc sulphate, borax, sulphur, potash and calcium sulphate, aqueous extracts viz., Eucalyptus globosus (50 g l-1) leaf extract and garlic (Allium sativum) bulb (20 g(More)
INTRODUCTION Stress fractures are common during military training but femoral neck stress fractures are uncommon and sometimes pose diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. An incomplete stress fracture with excellent prognosis, if left unprotected, can lead to displaced femoral neck fracture with almost 63% complication rate even with best of the treatment.(More)
Serum zinc and copper were measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometry in 58 children (3 months-5 years); of these, 46 children had protein energy malnutrition (PEM), and 12 children served as controls. The levels of serum zinc and copper were found to be significantly low in children with severe malnutrition (grades III and IV PEM). There was a(More)
Cyclopentane derivatives, designated as BCX-1812, BCX-1827, BCX-1898, and BCX-1923, were tested in parallel with oseltamivir carboxylate and zanamivir for the in vivo activity in mice infected with A/Turkey/Mas/76 X A/Beijing/32/92 (H6N2) influenza virus. The compounds were tested orally and intranasally at different dose levels. BCX-1812, BCX-1827, and(More)
Serum magnesium levels were measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometry in 46 malnourished and 12 healthy children, aged 3 months to 5 years. The nutritional status of children was classified in relation to weight for age and height for age using the Indian Academy of Pediatrics and the Waterlow classifications, respectively. NCHS data were used for the(More)
In the event of an influenza outbreak, antivirals including the neuraminidase (NA) inhibitors, peramivir, oseltamivir, and zanamivir may provide valuable benefit when vaccine production is delayed, limited, or cannot be used. Here we demonstrate the efficacy of a single intramuscular injection of peramivir in the mouse influenza model. Peramivir potently(More)
Transverse momentum spectra for charged hadrons and for neutral pions in the range 1 GeV/c<p(T)<5 GeV/c have been measured by the PHENIX experiment at RHIC in Au+Au collisions at root square[s(NN)] = 130 GeV. At high p(T) the spectra from peripheral nuclear collisions are consistent with scaling the spectra from p+p collisions by the average number of(More)
The first measurement of direct photons in Au + Au collisions at (square root)S(NN) = 200 GeV is presented. The direct photon signal is extracted as a function of the Au + Au collision centrality and compared to next-to-leading order perturbative quantum chromodynamics calculations. The direct photon yield is shown to scale with the number of(More)