Poong-Ryul Lee

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We have examined the elementary molecular processes responsible for proton transfer and HD exchange in thin ice films for the temperature range of 100-140 K. The ice films are made to have a structure of a bottom D(2)O layer and an upper H(2)O layer, with excess protons generated from HCl ionization trapped at the D(2)OH(2)O interface. The transport(More)
The effect of the adsorbate mass on an Eley-Rideal (ER) reaction is examined for the reactive ion scattering (RIS) of Cs+ from physisorbed adsorbates (Ar, Kr, Xe and N2) on a Ru(0001) surface at hyperthermal energy (10-60 eV). The measurement of the RIS cross-section, or the efficiency for ER-type abstraction of surface adsorbates, reveals an inverse(More)
We studied the initial-stage mechanism of the electrophilic addition reaction of ethene with HCl by examining the interactions between ethene and HCl on water-ice and frozen molecular films at temperatures of 80-140 K. Cs(+) reactive ion scattering (RIS) and low-energy sputtering (LES) techniques were used to probe the reaction intermediates that were(More)
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