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Redox homeostasis in plants under abiotic stress: role of electron carriers, energy metabolism mediators and proteinaceous thiols Contemporaneous presence of both oxidized and reduced forms of electron carriers is mandatory in efficient flux by plant electron transport cascades. This requirement is considered as redox poising that involves the movement of(More)
Cloud computing is simply a metaphor for the internet. User does not required knowledge, control, and ownership in the computer infrastructure. User simply access or rent the software and paying only for what they use. Advantage of cloud computing is huge like Broad network access, Cost effectiveness, Rapid elasticity, Measured services, On-Demand service,(More)
This paper described the design of Microstrip antenna array with EBG structure to improve return loss, directivity and gain at 5.85GHz frequency which has application in wireless communication. 5.85 GHz frequency basically used in sending information into home through internet, video and computer communication Designing of antenna restricted to rectangular(More)
In this paper, we present a decentralised scheme that facilitates reliable network wide broadcast messaging without the requirement of strict time synchronisation, for duty-cycled low-power wireless embedded systems. In this emergent broadcast slot (EBS) scheme, devices coordinate their wake-up periods with their neighbours to exchange schedule information(More)
Understanding the mechanism of milk fat synthesis and secretion is important for dairy industry, as the nature of the cream fraction influences the manufacturing properties and organoleptic qualities of milk and dairy products. So, there is a need to understand the mechanism of milk fat synthesis and to elucidate the key genes regulating milk fat synthesis(More)
— This paper considers the problem of finding high and low frequency node disjoint and multi constrained QoS using different paths from source to destination with the help of agent based fuzzy inference system. CGSR protocol divide the network into several small areas called clusters and the members of each cluster entrusted to a special node called(More)
At 2010, we are at the effective end of the first decade of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) research and that the aspects such as energy efficient routing have pretty much had their day as the sensing, computing and energy technologies have now moved on. There now seems to be a consensus in the field as to what the next challenges are. This paper will(More)