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Redox homeostasis in plants under abiotic stress: role of electron carriers, energy metabolism mediators and proteinaceous thiols Contemporaneous presence of both oxidized and reduced forms of electron carriers is mandatory in efficient flux by plant electron transport cascades. This requirement is considered as redox poising that involves the movement of(More)
BACKGROUND We have analyzed the stability of CT to density curve of kilovoltage cone-beam computerized tomography (kV CBCT) imaging modality over the period of six months. We also, investigated the viability of using image value to density table (IVDT) generated at different time, for adaptive radiotherapy treatment planning. The consequences of target(More)
As Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) become more technically mature, we are observing more deployment that is widespread. Disaster Monitoring and Recovery is one area receiving recent attention in the field. Here, due to hostile terrains or dangerous settings, standard manual or wired detections are not feasible. In situ WSN have the potential to analyze(More)
Cloud computing is simply a metaphor for the internet. User does not required knowledge, control, and ownership in the computer infrastructure. User simply access or rent the software and paying only for what they use. Advantage of cloud computing is huge like Broad network access, Cost effectiveness, Rapid elasticity, Measured services, On-Demand service,(More)
This paper described the design of Microstrip antenna array with EBG structure to improve return loss, directivity and gain at 5.85GHz frequency which has application in wireless communication. 5.85 GHz frequency basically used in sending information into home through internet, video and computer communication Designing of antenna restricted to rectangular(More)
In a federated database system, each independent party exports some of its data for information sharing. The information sharing in such a system is very inflexible, as all peer parties access the same set of data exported by a party, while the party may want to authorize different peer parties to access different portions of its information. We propose a(More)
Various physico-chemical parameters, including fluoride (F(-)), were analyzed to understand the hydro-geochemistry of an aquifer in a semi-arid region of India. Furthermore, the quality of the shallow and deep aquifer (using tube well and hand pumps) was also investigated for their best ecological use including drinking, domestic, agricultural and other(More)