Poonam Yadav

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Collaborating semantic wireless sensor actor network systems coupled with context driven semantic web services promise to support multiple flexible applications that were not specified before deployment. Applications range from multiple environmental monitoring tasks sharing a single network to complex systems assisting disaster response teams in developing(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Supracostal access for percutaneous renal surgery raises concern for the intrathoracic complications of the puncture. We analyzed the incidence of pleural transgression and intrathoracic complications after supracostal punctures in relation to the site of puncture (medial v lateral placement) and the respiratory phase during the(More)
Present "green" synthesis is an efficient, easy-going, fast, renewable, inexpensive, eco-friendly and non-toxic approach for nanosilver formation, which offers numerous benefits over physiochemical approaches. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern suggests the formation and crystallinity of nanosilver. The average particle size of silver nanoparticles was(More)
As Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) become more technically mature, we are observing more deployment that is widespread. Disaster Monitoring and Recovery is one area receiving recent attention in the field. Here, due to hostile terrains or dangerous settings, standard manual or wired detections are not feasible. In situ WSN have the potential to analyze(More)
Online Citizen Science platforms are good examples of socio-technical systems where technology-enabled interactions occur between scientists and the general public (volunteers). Citizen Science platforms usually host multiple Citizen Science projects, and allow volunteers to choose the ones to participate in. Recent work in the area has demonstrated a(More)
In this paper, we present a decentralised scheme that facilitates reliable network wide broadcast messaging without the requirement of strict time synchronisation, for duty-cycled low-power wireless embedded systems. In this emergent broadcast slot (EBS) scheme, devices coordinate their wake-up periods with their neighbours to exchange schedule information(More)
In recent years, citizen science has grown in popularity due to a number of reasons, including the emphasis on informal learning and creativity potential associated with these initiatives. Citizen science projects address research questions from various domains, ranging from Ecology to Astronomy. Due to the advancement of communication technologies, which(More)
Volunteer computing (VC) or distributed computing projects are common in the citizen cyberscience (CCS) community and present extensive opportunities for scientists to make use of computing power donated by volunteers to undertake large-scale scientific computing tasks. Volunteer computing is generally a non-interactive process for those contributing(More)