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Integrating security into enterprise level applications requires expertise and experience. Frameworks, tools and guidelines have been developed for the incorporation of security. Expert guidance is also encapsulated in the form of security design patterns which provide reusable solutions to recurring security problems. This field has been greatly enriched(More)
— In the education sector, business and learning applications need to be modernized to meet an extended community of learners and other stakeholders. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) prescribes a new way of building applications within a more powerful, flexible programming model, reducing development and ownership costs as also implementation risks. In(More)
Security is a critical component in information systems today. Designing and implementing secure systems requires a lot of skill and expertise. A secure system is based on sound software engineering principles and proven best practices in the form of guidelines and design patterns. Since Yoder and Barcalow's seminal work in 1997 on security patterns,(More)
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